Twas Twerking: The Documentary

A behind the scenes documentary from filming Day 2 (the 80’s Chapter) on our short holiday film, Everything Twas.
The cast and crew share holiday memories, traditions, and funny (sometimes even sassy) anecdotes while trying to answer that age old question… Is the word Twas in any way related to Twerking?

The documentary features (in order of appearance):
Mykayla Sohn, Michael Sweat, Mark Daugherty, Raymond Fry, Carmine Bicchetti, Anna Easteden, Johnathan Hodges, Jamie Dedeaux, Sara Davenport, Katie Keene, Maria Wilson, Paul Howard, Marc Wiercioch, Jason Oclaray, Kelly Kalac, Lara-Noelle Kay, Ettore Zuccarelli, Jillian O’Driscoll, Donna Bulford

Be sure to see our holiday film, Everything Twas, here:


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