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After a few minutes of me feasting on her pussy, Mia Khalifa lifts one leg to drape it over my shoulder. Both her arms are now draped across the railing, and Mia Khalifa is fully leaning back on it for support. Luckily, I’m in the penthouse so we have privacy. With her leg draped over my shoulder this way, I have more access to her perineum and back side. I expand the reach of my tongue to explore this tasty new territory, sweeping my tongue from clit to perineum, and eventually from clit to her pucker.

Mia Khalifa is breathing hard and whimpering little cries of pleasure. My cock is steadily pearling up pre-cum as I languidly pull on it. I love the anticipation of the buildup, but at the same time, I cannot wait until that moment when I can finally sink my cock inside Mia Khalifa – first her sweet pussy, then yes, absolutely, deep into her rectum.

“Mmmmmm, Mr. Jungkook, that’s so good. Your tongue, oh my God.” Mia Khalifa takes one arm off the railing and, raking her fingers through my hair, holds me in place to lick and suck her box. Her asshole is tight, pink, mesmerizing. I will enjoy opening up that taut aperture and fucking it later.

“Mia Khalifa, baby, turn around. Open your ass to me.” Mia Khalifa shrugs off her dress and lets it fall to the flooring, unhooks her thigh off my shoulder, and slowly does an about-face. Her panties are still around her mid-thigh so I draw them down all the way, and Mia Khalifa carefully steps out of them. Mia Khalifa shrugs off her unhooked bra as well, so that now she is standing bare-ass naked in platform heels, her perky tits pressed against the terrace railing and her pert bottom wantonly tipped open to my gaze. I take a moment to admire the sight of her puffy pussy lips viewed from behind – one of my favorite POVs.

Mia Khalifa reaches back with both hands and lewdly spreads her ass cheeks apart so I can take in her crinkled wink. I give her one big lick, from pussy to upper crack, and she buckles slightly forward and sucks in her breath sharply through her teeth. I set to rimming her out slowly and thoroughly, alternately running my tongue up and down her entire valley, or swirling small firm circles in the delicious textured indent of her anus, sometimes giving it a wet suck. She smells and tastes amazing. The musk of her ass is a total turn-on, and I continue to pull on my cock, as my other hand trails up between her parted legs to toy with her clit.

We continue this way for several minutes, and her fingers have started working her clit as well, freeing my hand to gently finger-fuck her pussy. I can eat out Mia Khalifa’s ass this way for a very long time, but I do want to savor her tight body in the big bed. I plan to taste all her bits from every angle possible.

I reluctantly pull my mouth off her tasty ass and slowly stand up. Cupping one hand over hers on her mound and rubbing a nipple with the other, I mutter in her neck, “Let’s go inside, time for you to sit on my face.” Mia Khalifa moans and turns her head to share a deep kiss, imprinting her ass hard into my crotch. My cock nestles in her crack, and I slide my engorged tool up and down her saliva-covered crevice. It takes all my will not to fuck her right then and there. But I want to wait, and I also want her to be begging for my cock.

I turn her around, lift her up to straddle my waist, and slowly walk inside. Mia Khalifa reflexively wraps her slim legs around me, sinks her fingers in my fair, and stuffs her tongue in my mouth. We kiss deeply as I make my way into the bedroom of the suite. I gently pose her on the freshly turned bed and devour her with my eyes as I remove my clothes. Mia Khalifa has slipped off her heels and is reclining back on her forearms with her legs demurely crossed in front of her pussy, showing off her pretty feet to me. I peel off my shirt then my jeans and briefs in one movement and gaze at sexy Mia Khalifa openly staring at my cock. I’ve been told by past lovers that I have a nice package. It’s certainly served me well.


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