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We know some of our fans enjoy seeing the cliche white girl booty which usually consists of some form of sexy twerking. If that’s what you wish to call it. Gamers alike all have their passion for things to do leisurely when not playing video games. I’m aware that some of those hobbies include viewing phat booty twerking or phat ass white girl twerking.

There is nothing wrong with enjoy clean content that involves sexy pawg twerking. If you wish for it to be a fap compilation the request can be made. We try our best to please the gamers and viewers with girls who may possess a big ass and can do a big booty shake with their big booty. That sounded like a mouthful. Anywho, not sure how aware the viewers in the community are of wshh model the body xxx. She’s been popular for a few years now. She usually engages in a booty shake. Whatever you may enjoy seeing or watching, we will always provide clean content of big ass twerk or some curve shake.

Unfortunately though, we cannot show footage containing naked big booty as this is against youtube policy. But we will try to include some clapping big booty, that’s suitable with a goddess booty twerk. We know these can be along the lines of hot twerk or hot body bounce, so we aim to entertain the gamers and fans with clean content. Having a desire to see a perfect ass shake and a similar version of big booty ass clapping, all depends on the footage we receive. Other than that, you can be sure to enjoy some phat ass booty clapping and other gaming footage we may post with the proper rights and consent of course.


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