Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop" Twerking With Robin Thicke At MTV VMA 2013 Not Racist

#Zennie62 Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop” Twerking With Robin Thicke At MTV VMA 2013 Not Racist. (Miley Cyrus Photos, Robin Thicke Photos) Miley Cyrus MTV VMAs Not Racist; Grinding With Robin Thicke
Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV VMAs was called sexy, raunchy, leud, but to say it was racist, or that Miley Cyrus herself is racist for twerking is just plain crazy. Yet, there’s a group of people out there, who think that twerking, sexy dancing, and giant dancing bears equate to a reference to black folks, and particularly black women. I watched the Miley Cyrus MTV VMAs dance with my 78-year old Mom, who never even looked at it that way – she thought it was silly, but racist? Nope. And I’m not an appologist for racist behavior, as regular visitors know. But I do feel that we have, this year, gone a bit too far in calling out racism. Miley Cyrus should be able to dance with Robin Thicke how she wants to and twerk at that. I know there are people who aren’t cool with all of the black women in the dance, and what Miley was doing with them, but why didn’t anyone think to blame them? The whole deal is just plain neurotic. – vlog produced by Zennie Abraham Zennie62 Blog – youtube video
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