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It seems Miley Cyrus just Can’t Stop twerking, helping out her pal Juicy J at his show over the weekend. What’s up guys you’re watching another music news segment here on ClevverMusic. Rapper Juicy J, known for his song “Bandz A Make Her Dance” performed at the House of Blues in Hollywood on Saturday June 8th. Juicy had a special guest dancer when he performed “Bandz a Make Her Dance” during the concert: Miley Cyrus took the stage to do her now-famous twerking moves.

You can see Miley wearing a black crop top, and black & white jailhouse pants while her grinding on the floor towards the back of the stage using a prop for some support. Then she’s grinding on Juicy as he’s rapping in front and center stage. No doubt the crowd went wild when they saw Ms. Miley up there doing her thang. But it’s actually Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose we have to thank for Miley’s impromptu show. The couple pushed her up on stage to dance while hanging out in the crowd!

Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa also made guest cameos on stage that night. So what did Juicy think of Miley’s little guest appearance? He tweeted afterwards, “Miley Cyrus twerked on stage tonight!” The crowd went crazy! #staytrippytour” along with a pic of the two backstage together. The next day he chatted about it even more tweeting, “Last night was epic #staytrippytour” along with an Instagram pic of the two on stage together. It’s now safe to say “We Can’t Stop” Miley from twerking. The 20-year-old starlet just dropped her first single in over 3 years called “We Can’t Stop” debuting a departure from the old bubblegum Miley. In March we first caught on to the Miley twerking crazy when she posted a video of herself doing the booty dance on YouTube. What do you think of Miley’s moves and stealing the show from Juicy J? Be sure to sub to our channel if you haven’t already, I’m Misty Kingma here in Hollywood I’ll catch ya later.


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