Fri, June 7: GIOYC Friday! Twerking for Abortions!

Fri, June 7, Hour 1
Happy Friday!
*Jesse opens talking about women and how they look up to men to be the light of the family. Now that the roles have reversed, all hell is breaking loose. The men defend evil and have allowed women to have abortions.
*Melissa Raney, a freelance writer, tells her story of coming out as gay later in life and breaking up her family.
Illegals just walk around the border!
*Earl from Michigan calls in acting foolish…tries to flip the script on Jesse. You gotta get up early in the morning Earl!
Eric from Toronto calls in talking about David Lynn and his arrest in Toronto.
*Suki Hana goes on Instagram Live to tell the world she is killing her baby because she is mad at her man
*T from Alabama wants to ask why Jesse focuses on race. Jesse wants people to know they have been lied to. T drops a bomb and tells Jesse he believes affirmative action and Obama was from God!

Fri, June 7, Hour 2:
*Tony from Florida accuses Jesse of playing identity politics.
Mike from Florida wants to get it off his chest.
*Daniel from New York calls in to finish his call from yesterday. They speak on anger, forgiveness and his father. He wishes his mother would have let him experience life. Jesse lets him know how to return to the father.

Fri, June 7, Hour 3:
Jerry Lewis’ estate went on sale…
*David from California is calling about his disobedient son. He speaks on his father’s recent death and how his son is disobeying him now.
Jerome from Tennessee is asking Jesse when he is gonna donate to the wall?
John from Indiana calls in to talk about his life married to an older woman.

Good For You – THBD
Bright Lights – Let You Go Remix
Love is intense – ZAYFALL
Starry Night – Couple N
Joel Friday – Ego
intro – Jeff Ban – Stand Up – (Amazon/google play/Spotify)
Trevor Wesley, Joel Friday, Big Bump – Stand Up


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