EAGLE CAM 2017– ECC1 TWERKING – ECC, MPDC – Washington, DC – #EggWatch2017

EAGLET NAMING CONTEST – use this link https://goo.gl/forms/VsDCTClbmP3Ag08F3 to vote for Eaglet names!

Eggs are expected to hatch between March 14 – 20!

Earth Conservation Corps and the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC present Eagle Cam 2017! We welcome your participation as citizen scientists! This is the oldest Eagle Cam in Washington, DC now going into our 7th year.

Check out www.eaglecam.org for more information!

We THANK YOU for your support! For more information about Earth Conservation Corps and our continuing efforts to cleanup and restore the Anacostia River and it’s inhabitants, visit www.earthconservationcorps.org


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Instagram: @anacostia_eagles

Liberty (Female) and Justice (Male) are a pair of bald eagles who have raised young for eleven years in a nest one hundred ten feet up an oak tree at the Metropolitan Police Academy in SE, Washington, DC.

Liberty, the female, has primary responsibility for incubating her eggs and caring for the young chicks (once they hatch!). Justice, the male, has the crucial job of catching fish and bringing them for his mate and hatchlings.

The eagles are an urban wildlife success story. Pollution forced bald eagles to abandon their last DC nest in 1946. In 1994, the teenage volunteers of the Earth Conservation Corps launched a bold experiment to try to spur the return of the bald eagle as a nesting resident of our Nation’s Capital. Under U.S. Fish and Wildlife permits, the Corps translocated 16 eaglets from nests in Wisconsin to an artificial “hack box” at the U.S. National Arboretum. After being raised for six weeks at the Arboretum the juvenile eagles were released into the skies over Washington. Four eaglets were released every spring from 1994 to 1998. Between the eagle restoration efforts the youth of the Earth Conservation Corps galvanized the entire city in their mission to restore the eagles’ Anacostia River habitat.

——– Special thanks to the MPDC and the National Park Service for their support! ——-

*We hold the right to revoke any name suggestions and to choose any names that may not have been suggested*


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