Cat TWERK – Twerking for the kitty treats

Good Lord people, it is a cat, he may not be the best twerker but at least he twerks from his little kitty heart! He is better than Miley Cyrus skinny ass.

**For those who don’t get this, and think I don’t know what twerking is, it is a parody of @caramelkitten (

If you know so much how come you didn’t know that hmmm? mmk!

Here I added some twerking A$$ for the haters.

HE IS NOT SPRAYING OR PISSING. When he is happy or wants something he does this little booty shake. I call it Cat Twerk or Cat twerking or Kitty twerking because there is no other word to describe it. The vet says some neutered cats do this when they are happy there is nothing wrong with him.

Shout out to the twerk queen @caramelkitten ( and @lolPervs ( TWERKING videos. My cat wants to be you.

Twerkin for the treats
Twerkin for the cat nip
Twerkin for the toys



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